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At the beauty center Armonia Estetica Simona it is possible buy italian cosmetic products produced by LOVELY EVOLUTION LAB, specialists at the service of your beauty, is synonymous of technology,

Each material is previous studied at the LOVELY laboratories in order to be able to highlight it’s intrinsic characteristics, evaluate the effective effectiveness and total safety.

Professional Cosmetics

All our products are available and you can buy them at our Beauty Center. The balance of the skin begins with cleansing. Professional cleansers, specifically formulated, able to promote and maintain excellent facial cleansing.

Face cleaning

Cleanser Perfect

Rebalancing Cleanser, Puryfing cleansing gel for oily skins with shiny patches blackheads and dilate pores.

Purifying – Normalizing Mixed, impure, thickened skin
Specific cleansing gel with purifying action, which acts in depth without attacking the skin. The correct cleansing of impure skin, performed with delicate products, promotes the disappearance of black dots and skin impurities.

Make Down - Makeup remover

Cleansing Milk 200 ml.

Suitable for all skin types, even delicate and sensitive. With soothing and decongestant properties, it’s also easily eliminates long lasting and waterproof make-up.Specific for eyes, face and lips

Cleanser Evolution

Dermo-restorative cleanser 200 ml.

Moisturizing – Nourishing – Soothing Normal, dry, reactive skin Creamy and delicate cleansing emulsion, also suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skin, performs a deep and targeted cleansing action, removing skin impurities and preserving the natural hydrolipidic mantle

Face Serums

Ozone oil - Skin Enhancing

Pure ozonized olive oil, enriched with penetration enhancer Salicylic and Mandelic acids. O3 OZONE OIL is suitable for many facial and body specific procedures: it works on acneic skins, with dilated pores and blackheads, on skins made reactive by excessive sebum excretion, as well as in case of combination or oily skin.

It carries additional oxygen to the skin. It carries additional oxygen to the skin, improving the transportation of nutrients and recharging with new energy.

O3 OZONE OIL can soothe irritated skins scavenging free radicals and improving the physiological protective barrier function of the skin. Perfect onto skin stressed by potential harmful environmental factors, as UV radiation and thermal shocks, it can be used also as post-hair removal treatment.

Smoothe Complex - Intensive Protection

The first couperose and rosacea serum of Lovely Cosmetics, Soothe Complex Serum acts through an exclusive formula of our laboratories on reactive, sensitive and irritable skin, with a soothing, repairing and protective action, effectively restoring the skin to its natural physiological balance

MBS Serium

MBS Face Serum 50 ml

SKIN CONTROL Microbionic Balance Skin

An absolute novelty from the Lovely Cosmetics research laboratories, the MBS Serum is a rebalancing of the skin microbiome, fundamental and decisive for the health and beauty of the skin.

The optimal, balanced and diverse microbiome stimulates epithelial cells and contributes to the control of pathogens. The MBS Serum acts on the microbiome by restoring its balance, counteracting alterations in skin function and phenomena related to aging. Strategic in the presence of dryness, hyperreactivity, impure and acne-prone skin, diffuse spots or discolorations, alterations in the hydrolipidic film and physiological skin function.

Intensive Balancing Active Complex

The first serum acneic, impure and hyperseborrheic skins of Lovely Cosmetics, Balance Serum acts through an exclusive formula of our laboratories on acne-prone, impure skin, with sebaceous hypersecretion, enlarged pores and excessive greasiness, effectively restoring the natural physiological balance



Innovative face treatment, Boost stimulates the skin barrier functionality and restores physiological balnce in hidro-lipidic liquid crystal structure of stratum corneum. Suitable for all skin types, it is the best for poor in lipids, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skins.

H2O Great skin condition

Face Serum 30ml. Skin Delivery System Hyper Moisturizer

Dehydrated, dull, combination skin

Intensive serum characterized by the innovative “Aqua Patch” super-moisturizing complex containing natural biopolymers, Irish Lichen, Hyaluronic Acid, Betaine, reconstituted NMF, gluconolactone and ceramides.

Used daily, H2O forms a film on the skin capable of binding high quantities of water to itself, conveying it in depth and maintaining a good level of hydration throughout the day. H2O is ideal for dehydrated and sensitive skin and for the daily treatment of normal skin that appears stressed and dull.

Glance System

Wrinkle Bags.(30 ml) Restructuring serum with a high concentration of active ingredients. Used daily Glance promotes the relaxation of wrinkles and the reduction of dark circles

Less 25 - Wrinkle Filler Lifting

Perfect for all kind of skin, 25 Facial (30 ml) Serum Wrinkle Filler Lifting. All kind of skins. Multi Actived serum guarantees prolonged and deep hydration, immediately corrects the shiny effect and gives the skin a satin and bright effect.

Face Cream

Bio Repair

Bio-Repair (50 ml) Skin Active – Normalizing, reactive, sensitive and reddened skin. Formulated to moisturize, nourish and soothe the skin, restoring its natural protective barrier.

Light Again

Intensive fluid (50 ml) with a fresh and light texture, characterized by the exclusive “Total Restorative Complex” based on Ceramides, Phytosphingosine, Cholesterol, valuable vegetable oils.

Suitable for the treatment of asphyxiated skins, with a greasy appearance, it is useful at the same time in the presence of dryness and opacity.

System - 2nd Skin Concept

50 ml Protective, emollient and soothing face cream, which uses the innovative “Second Skin Concept” to solve the typical problems of dry, delicate and reactive skin.Excellent as an adjuvant for the restoration of skin physiology in the presence of couperose.

Hydra 24 - suitable for all skin types

Face cream, restores physiological hydration and an immediate pleasant sensation of firmness and firmness. Thanks to the innovative formulation it has immediate penetration capacity. The synergistic action of bio-functional complexes improves surface and deep hydration, strengthens the structure of the epidermis while preserving the osmotic cell balance

Sense - Amphoteric SystemAntiaging

Face cream for the daily treatment of delicate skin with signs of chromo and photo-aging. The PHA-AHAS association (gluconolactone-mandelic and lactic acids) guarantees a profound action that stimulates new cell life and the renewal of the upper layers of the skin.

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